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>NodeJs is considered as the perfect solution for developing data-intesive, real-time web and mobile apps. Based on JavaScript, NodeJs can be used at the backend, making development simpler and easier. As a leading NodeJs development company in India, we utilise this framework to develop high traffic-driven real-time applications, network applications and mobile applications of all sizes and scale. Avail our results-driven NodeJS development services at a competitive rate.

NodeJS Development

Benefits of NodeJS Development

NodeJS development has a wide array of benefits including the following:

Faster I/O operations

NodeJs is built to handle asynchronous I/O operations using a single thread called the Event Loop ensuring faster reading or writing to the database, network connections or file systems.

Faster data streaming

NodeJs uses HTTP request and response as data streams resulting in faster processing of files during the uploading process. This power can be leveraged in deploying real-time video and audio recording.

Ease of coding

Our NodeJs, developers use JavaScript for both client and server side scripting, resulting in ease of data transport between server and browser.

NodeJs Community

Being an open-source framework, there is a huge repository of dynamic tools and modules in the Node Package Manager (NPM). Further, the immense popularity of the platform is making the Node community stronger with more updated tools and modules.

Caching of Modules

NodeJs enables module caching. When the modules are requested for the first time, they are automatically cached into the application memory thus preventing repeated module code execution for the next time it is called on.

Proxy Server

For server-side applictions those need to pull in data from different sources, you may consider NodeJs as a cost saving platform. NodeJs can be used to proxy a number of services that have different response times. Thus, you may bypass the cost of setting up proxy infrastructure.

Our NodeJS Development Services

Our range of NodeJS development services offers you turnkey web solutions including the following:

Custom NodeJS development

Our in-house development team specializes in crafting custom NodeJS applications for SMBs and large enterprises. Our developers have an industry exposure in real-time web programming, AJAX and JSON communication, and rich web app development suited to your specific business requirements.

Real-time Chat App

If you are looking to craft social networking apps, our agile development team can be the right partner for you. With broad industry experience, they can help you create social platforms. We provide an end-to-end web solution to help you achieve a competitive edge.

API Development

Our Node developers can extend the features and functionalities with API development and integration. We can work with JSON API, REST API, and XML API development. We create custom APIs for databases, cloud applications, and Server-Oriented Architectures (SOA).

Support And Maintenance

We extend our support to keep your web application highly functional at all times. Feature integration, troubleshooting, upgrades - we offer an extensive maintenance solution to our clients. Our aim is to deliver a top-notch user experience on your web app and we are ready to go an extra mile to ensure that.

Partner with a Trusted NodeJS Development Company

As a reliable NodeJS development company, we ensure you of the following:

Impeccable services

We have a proven track record in providing quality services.

Customised approach

We treat every project uniquely to provide customised solutions.

Competitive Rate

Hire NodeJS developers from us to develop a future-ready web app at a cost-effective rate.

Quick Turnaround Time

Our quick turnaround time offers you a competitive edge in the market.

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Node.js Development – Frequently Asked Question

Clarify your doubts about Node.js before availing Node.js development services

NodeJS Development

Node.js architecture includes the following:

Single threaded – Node.js operates on a single thread. It helps to avoid context switching.

Non-blocking I/O – The runtime tasks are executed in an asynchronous way which returns relevant results through a call back system to the event loop thread.

Event loop – It enables Node.js to perform non-blocking I/O (input-output) operations. Any transaction that passes through it traverses the callbacks. Node.js uses the libuv to manage queuing and process the asynchronous events.

Back end development – This is the server side scripting and database integration that is invisible to the users. It ensures to receive and return requested data through the database integration.

Real time application– Node.js is perfect for developing real-time apps such as chatting and gaming apps. It is also ideal for programmes that require a non-blocking or event-based server.

Time Saving– Node.js allows the developers to code JavaScript both on the server (front-end) and client (back-end) sides. Naturally, it saves significant development time.

Cross-platform development– By collaborating with NW.js or Electron, Node.js allows the devs to create user-friendly cross-platform apps.

Scalable and lightweight– The non-blocking nature of the single threads makes sure that the apps are lightweight, scalable, high-performing and work in a network-friendly way.

From enterprises to small startups – businesses of diverse sizes seek to develop scalable and stable web applications with Node.js. Due to its event-driven nature, this framework excels over other frameworks.

Here are a few types of web applications that you can develop with Node.js:

  • Project management apps
  • Live streaming video apps
  • Social media apps
  • Gaming apps
  • IoT applications
  • Discussion or chat forums

Microservice architecture refers to the development of any app including various services. Each service carries out a specific task. As per the business requirement, the codebase can be expanded.

Another significant feature of Node.js is its serverless architecture. With this, the developers can get rid of managing servers and using various functions during writing codes. This allows them to individually deploy the codes or functionalities.

Entrepreneurs these days prefer to launch an MVP (Minimum Viable Products) in the market as soon as possible to achieve a competitive edge and then scale it as per budget and requirement. Since Node.js is equipped with a huge library of modules in the NPM, the development team can easily prototype and subsequently craft MVPs without any hassles.